Zakheni ICT (Pty) Ltd is a SMME initiative, with a key objective to deliver world-class business talent and strategic ICT value.  

ZAKHENI was founded by businessmen and ICT entrepreneurs who always believed that they could contribute value and at the same time promote the development of ICT resources. 
It is the vision at ZAKHENI, to focus on the empowerment of the people by addressing the entry and enhancement of talent in the ICT market.  The ZAKHENI skills development model searches and identifies these individuals, trains them, and subsequently coach, supports and mentors them to a point where they are productive in the market.

Key Management

Colin Davids:  Chief Executive Officer
CEO of ZAKHENI for the last three years and has been in the ICT industry for over 30 years on application implementations and skills supply and development programmes. He has been involved amongst others with Van Zy l and Pritchard, Zakheni Computing, Choice-1 Training, Various Central and Provincial Government Departments, SA Reserve Bank and Oracle SA.

Structure and Ownership

Zakheni ICT (Pty) Ltd is a SMME initiative. The executive directors and staff own 100% of the company.
The Zakheni ICT organisation achieves the Value Chain as per diagram.